Well since the Wiki thing said you can post blogs about fanfiction, I thought I'd put a link to my Freefonix one here.

I wrote this in 2012. It's called Metal Works and is written like an episode of the show, to introduce my original character, Razz. Of course, since Mantyz are my fave in the show, it had to be about them. A lot of fellow fans say it's good and like that it focuses mostly on Mantyz. It's funny the amount of people who root for the "bad guys" and also judging by various comments I've seen on YouTube over the years, how Mantyz got them into rock and metal, which is great because there is some really good music in those genres. I like Freefonix's music as well but I LOVE Mantyz's music (I'm biased since I'm a Darkness fan) and have all their songs I've managed to record, on my iPod.

Anyway, digressing, so I decided to write a fanfic about Razz. I've actually written a fantasy novel I'm looking to get published. It's the first of a trilogy I'm working on but in my spare time and when I feel inspired, I write fanfics. I've also written another Freefonix fanfic, Metal Possession, focusing entirely on Razz and Mantyz but I wrote it as a vent, so very few people have seen it. It's 32 pages long and a shame I can't post it.

Obviously, Kurtz is my fave, most people know this. So the fic focuses on him too. But not entirely. I wanted to keep it believable and to my knowlege and the feedback from fans, it is.

So I'll stop blathering on now. Here's the link! Metal Works.

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