The Story Begins
Series 01, Episode 01
Story Begins
Air Date 4 January 2008
Previous None
Next Risky Music Business

The Story Begins is the first episode of FreeFonix which was first broadcast on the 4th January 2008 .

Summary Edit

Children's animation about a teenage band that discover a magic note, much to the chagrin of the record company.

This musical energy force brings Freefonix power and insight, and greedy media mogul Mya de Zia and rival band Mantyz would love to get their hands on it. As guardians of the 13th note, Freefonix battle to protect the independent spirit of the Freewave movement.

At Sugar Che's request, Freezbone tracks down BB to accompany him on a mission to empower the young musical genius, Mostart.

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