Syan features in the episode Grand Theft Audio and she is the rightful heir to the Yamashito legacy and the priceless Yamashito violin. However, at first she doesn't want to play the violin because making sounds isn't her thing; she prefers riding her hov-scooter. Only when she plays the violin will it make the 13th note sound Vox needs to be freed.

In the episode, she ends up playing the violin in order to save Freefonix (Band) who are losing in a sound clash against Mantyz and with her powers, she turns back time to before Mantyz took her back to ComaCo with the violin. And of course since she has the violin, Mantyz no longer do. Not only that, she takes the power cores from their hov-choppers so that they can't resume their search for the violin. Syan has proven herself a Guardian of the 13th Note and joins Freefonix on their quest to protect music!

She flies a pink and red b-board.

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