Satch was trapped for a thousand years within the Jericho Serpent. He was a man of dust Vox created out of 13th note particles to play the Serpent's dark sound and to be Vox's servant. But Sugar Che silenced the Serpent, trapping Satch within it, before she dismantled it to prevent him playing the sound. In the episode The Jericho Serpent, Freefonix unknowingly free Satch by finding the three parts of the Serpent and playing it, which releases him again. Satch is very loyal to Vox and is determined to free him from the Void of Silencia by playing the dark sound of the Serpent. The song he plays on the Serpent is the tune of the old song, "Knick Knack Paddywhack" (This Old Man).

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