Prepsie Idol
Series 01, Episode 14
Air Date Unknown
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Prepsie Idol is the fourteenth episode of Freefonix.

Summary Edit

Comaco has come up with a new type of soft drink; Fizzy Blast. However, due to the weird mix of flavours the drink comes in, coupled with the fact that it causes loud uncontrollable belching, it is not selling well. They have literally millions of cans of it and can't sell any of it. So Mya comes up with an idea to promote the drink with a music contest, similar to ones like X-Factor also Australian Idol and American Idol. The contest is called Fizzy Blast Star and focuses primarily on prepsie musicians. Sugar Che tells Freefonix to enter the contest, much against Freez and Mo's better judgement but BB agrees that it will help promote the band and get their sound out there more. At the auditions, the band bumps into a guy named Coda. He is very clumsy and accidentally trips over CC and Dee Dee while they're rehearsing. He also chews a lot of gum. Freefonix perform in front of Mya and the other judges, who happen to be Mantyz and Mya puts through Freez but not the other two, figuring it might help split up the band. Also, Vox has detected a 13th note prodigy and it turns out that is Coda, the keytar player! Mya has a plan to put Freez and Coda through to the final, let Coda win and then when he plays his song and hits the 13th note, Mantyz will join in and free Vox from the Void of Silencia.

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Trivia Edit

  • The episode title is similar to Australian Idol and American Idol.
  • The competition is similar to Australian Idol, American Idol and X-Factor.