The characters in the show have their own slang words they often use to describe things they think are cool, they like or dislike or the types of music there are. This is a list of slang words and what they mean.

  • Wix - Wicked/Cool
  • Audiodacious - Music that sounds good
  • Audiotrocious - Music that sounds bad
  • Mondo Modo Buggin' - Something is a let down
  • Yomie - Friend
  • Freewaver - Unsigned musician who makes music for the love of it
  • Prepsie - Fake person, obsessed with material things like makeup/money
  • 'rents - Parents
  • Prepare to be frequalized! - Prepare for a sonic battle! (Sound Clash)
  • Viddy - Video
  • Cell - Cellphone
  • Hov-chopper/Hov-limo/b-board/hov-scooter - among others, these are types of sonic vehicles
  • Bizarro - Weird/bizarre
  • Frazzbrain - Idiot
  • Paranoid Freakazoid - Paranoid person
  • Freewaveosity - A good example of a freewave band, e.g. that band has lots of freewaveosity!
  • The Los Bosmos brofist/fist bump - Ok so it's not a slang word but it is a gesture yomies do with each other. Like a regular brofist but before bumping fists, the two friends wipe their forearm along their mouth. It's a rather odd gesture and can be rather gross on some occasions.
  • Ultra Funkular - Really cool/funky
  • Whack - Bad/Awful

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