This is a song that is used in the episodes Love Stinks and Prepsie Idol

The lyrics go like this:

Is there anbody out there

(Get up) throw your hands up and there (don't stop) everybody out there (feels like we do)

Freefonix gettin' it on I'll be F-R-E-E-Z-B-O-N-E the soul searcher welcome to me galaxy

I like to reach out straight out duplicate

Is anbody out there please let me demonstrate

I'm glad you came so let me explain

I'm about to take music to another plain

Gotta fight Mantyz to survive, you ready to rise

(Freewaver to the future whatever I salute (x 4)

Is there anybody out there when you here the beat drops

Love stinks get it on the cracking, looking for some action, that's what's happening

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