Do it is a song by Freefonix and is first featured in the episode Bizarro BB.

Lyrics Edit

We're coming at yah
Gonna battle with yah whole hood
So check my crew
We're busting through 'cause we're so good

(So good)
(So good)

Your beats are all the same
So we remain the top of the pack
We're so fat
Like a king, queen, jack
Kiss all that

(So bad)
(So bad)
(So bad)
Check it

Free-fon-ix drop beats. For. Kicks
The en-e-my we'll smash. To. Bits
So break. It. Down to a piece. Of. Half
Stop moving or we'll throw. It. Back

We're gonna do it
We're gonna do it
We're gonna do, do, do, do, do it

We're gonna rinse
Rinse. You. Out

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