Coda appears in the episode Prepsie Idol. He has a soft spoken British accent and is a clumsy keytar player who chews a lot of gum and often says "Note to self" after forgetting something or doing something clumsy, followed by what he is making a mental note about.

He makes it into the final of Mya's "Fizzy Blast Star" music contest and is a 13th note prodigy, which is why Mya lets him win, so he will play his song and unknowingly free Vox from the Void of Silencia. However, Freefonix convince him he should play the music he loves, not to be popular or win contests, but just because he should enjoy doing what he loves. He then becomes a Guardian of the 13th Note.

His voice/vocals were provided by Gary Go. He even looks a bit like him!

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