CC and Dee Dee

CC and Dee Dee are two singers who are members of the band BCD, the former band of Freefonix's vocalist, BB. The band seems to be very popular within the prepsie crowd of Los Bosmos.

It is unknown if CC and Dee Dee carried on with the band after BB left, though there doesn't seem to be any hard feelings between them and BB for breaking up the band as they still live together as room mates. CC and Dee Dee still sing together with such hits as "Young, Fun and A-OK" and "My New Pink Sweater".

In Bizarro BB, after BB switches bodies with Lady Lux, they had to admit it was a good look for her, much to her dismay.

CC and Dee Dee like most of the prepsie crowd are shown to be shallow, fashion obsessed people. The pair can often annoy BB such as in BB’s Bro when they play Noughts and crosses on the apartment walls in lipstick.

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