Freefonix Aw'right Jack

Aw'right Jack is a recurring character with a British accent who owns Aw'right Jack's restaurant in The Mall of the Universe and is seen in many episodes serving Freefonix and the other characters drinks, pies and fries, which is what he specializes in. He also plays the tuba sometimes.

In the episode "Who’s Your Daddy?" he buys a new drink machine which scans customers DNA and match it with their perfect drink. When the machine scans Freezbone it announces that his DNA matches Aw'right Jack's sample and they are lead to believe that they are father and son.

They begin to hang around more, with Freez even quitting the band to work at the restaurant with his new father. At the end of the episode however it is revealed that they aren't related and the machine just meant they liked the same drink.

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